Conscious Eating

Hypnosis has much in common with Mindfulness and being in the Present. Hypnosis can assist in keeping you in the present and eating mindfully. Once one practices self-hypnosis and meditation, one can begin to listen to their own body better and understand when it is full.

Much of eating is emotional and the more we are able to understand this, whether it is by CBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, or Hypnosis, then we are more able to take control of our eating habits.

Based on evolutionary theory, we have spent much of our existence as humans being hungry most of the time with little to eat, with periods of feasting say when we came across trees laden with fruit or a freshly dead animal, and periods of prolonged fasting where we survived on insects, roots, and water. Once we can return to this way of eating, we can begin to free ourselves of the emotional binds of food.

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